Why I Stopped Drinking Distilled Waters

Why I stopped drinking distilled waters (especially urine) and removed myself from the cult after 3.5 years of intense practice!

RESEARCH! Is what led me to this decision! Deep contemplation and many hours (months now) of discussion with friends and family. I did NOT take this choice lightly as some would have you think. I feel quite balanced and confident that the things I have found are not happenstance and made up because I got mad at Andrew for calling me with cursing and lies to manipulate me into conforming to his will (regardless of the topic)… this is merely what snapped me out of the hypnosis group-think programming and began the questioning.

There is always a complex series of steps that we take to arrive at where we end up and this document is necessary for me to list the several reasons as best I can with linear words as to why I stopped urine therapy (UT) and removed myself from the Distilled Waters (DW) cult. Despite the perception that I all of a sudden did a 180 degree turn, there has been a series of things that have led me to this decision. This is also “closure” for me and this will be my final effort to “tell” people what I think about this. Things started coming out a few weeks ago and well it is what it is, but here is the “list” that I wanted to make several weeks ago, but it was not time yet. Now it is.
I call it a cult for several reasons, most of which are presented by the following document, but also to refer to the dictionary, [with my comments in brackets] “cult” is defined as:

  • a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object – [Andrew Norton Webber is the guru/leader of a new age cult, but he certainly is not the only one in this saga of pseudonyms and deception.]
  • a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister : a network of Satan-worshiping cults. [that is in the dictionary]
  • a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing : a cult of personality surrounding the leaders. [!] 

ORIGIN early 17th cent. (originally denoting homage paid to a divinity): from French culte or Latin cultus ‘worship,’ from cult- ‘inhabited, cultivated, worshiped,’ from the verb colere. [How ironic that the word origin has my name in it, WTF?] 

The cult of personality that is Andrew Norton Webber, Distilled Waters and the veneration and misplaced, excessive admiration of urine as the “Elixir of Life”, “Philosopher’s Stone”, “Universal Remedy”, “Panacea”, “Fountain of Youth”, “Water of Life”, etc., and the fact that most of the population of earth consider this a very strange and even sinister or dangerous practice, all leads to the very fitting calling of this movement a “cult” …

One of the main key features of any cult movement is censorship. You can’t have a unified cult if you allow people to ask critical questions. Thinking outside the box is not allowed.


IF you find error in this document, I certainly hope you will have the common decency to tell me about it. In fact, if there is some error and you don’t say anything, you are thereby agreeing with it, consent by acquiescence.

Use the contact page (if there is one), make a comment below, email to jcolehaley at gmail dot com or message me on Facebook com/jcolehaley
The following list of points is not really in a particular order. Some of the points are small pieces; others are quite big and may require more explanations, or even studies and documents all on their own. I want to make this brief and to the point. The list is numbered so as to reference and organize the points rather than be a hierarchy of points. Number 1 is not the most important, as each one holds the weight of its own merit and adds to the final picture as I put this into words.


“Sacred Documents” and “(Un) Holy Men” :


  1.  Andrew Norton Webber (ANW) is the main man who made this popular (at least in my world) and created this cult so will be a central focus of criticism where due. I once had a great respect for this man, and don’t wish to criticize his character excessively or on things he does not have it coming. He has exposed himself enough already with the phone call and emails, and his inaction in regards to the message. He has not so much as made a Facebook post since August 2015. Those who have eyes to see will see, as truth will stand regardless of what anybody says. HE said that a (unnamed) YOGI started the whole thing. Andrew says that for 2 hours he treated the YOGI like a “human Google machine” asking about various things, and he finally told him to drink his pee “it will cure just about anything”. This story is repeated in nearly every presentation.
  2. ANW often starts his presentations with the above Yogi story and goes into the (fraudulent) claim that a 5000-year-old document exists in the Vedas called Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi. I have searched and searched to find any reference to the original document to no avail. I eventually asked in the group and received an answer from the Urine Therapy group on where is this document? The answer I got from several of the top characters in this movement was that “it doesn’t exist”…?I also got the typical run around postings to various references to other modern books that mention it. There is a printed version of this book printed in the 70’s, and a reference to “a document found in India” written in 1994 by Coen Van Der Kroon in The Golden Fountain, yet no such document exists. It’s a made up story to sell the agenda… The printed version, and perhaps the origin of this mysterious document, is written by Arthur L. Pauls in 1978, who is also the founder of “Ortho-bionomy” which is another cult like pseudoscience healing modality.
    Shivambu Kalpa doesn’t exist, yet is a foundational point used to give credence to the practice. In fact I found a website that tells the real story of the images used in connection with the Shivambu Kalpa to say that Shiva is drinking his urine. The real story is that he is drinking Halahala (poison) and is why his neck turned blue. Read the full story here: http://harekrsna.com/sun/features/11-08/features1193.htm
    What a twist on this story! Regardless of what you think about this “ancient” document, the fact that it is used as a major point by the founders of this religion, is reason enough to seek “proof” and verify the claims. And since the claims are false or fabricated by modern authors, this leads to criticism of fraud in these claims… and as the axiom goes “fraud vitiates everything it touches” there is lots more fraud in this cult.
  3. The most popular book, The Water of Life; A Treaties on Urine Therapy by John W. Armstrong has no reference for the author other than the book itself. I’ve searched for a biography or any other reference to this man, yet all you find is THE BOOK itself. It’s as if the man does not exist, it could very well be a pseudonym. The book itself is entirely a book of “testimonials” written by the author about the supposed treatments he administered to various people, which by the way, in my experience are somewhat outlandish and do not hold up to real life experience. Besides this, “testimonials” are not “proof” or “evidence” – they are “testimonies” also called “anecdotal”…
  4. There is also the ”Egyptian Water of Life Papyrus” said to be over 6000 years old. Yet the ONLY reference to such a document is ANW website, I have searched previously for other references but found none. Where did Andrew get this information? I want references!
  5. The Christian Bible is also used to back up the practice. Proverbs 5:15 is the most popular, yet, as many beliefs systems do, the verse is taken far out of context from the chapter and misapplied to urine drinking. Go ahead and read the whole chapter (and the one before and after it) out loud and see for yourself. It’s talking mostly about adultery and not to go to the house of strange women or harlots, not to sleep with whores and associate with LIARS or the unwise that despise instruction. Living Waters is referring to the wisdom of Christ within you. It’s a philosophical or metaphorical concept for the indwelling Spirit of God, the spring of wisdom that leads to everlasting life, the well of the “Water of Life” that quenches the thirst after righteousness.


Censorship and pseudoscience:

  1. This one is a real turning point for me personally and a big exposure of the character of ANW and DD (Donny Diagle, the man who started Distilled Waters Facebook group and is supposedly also ANW’s best friend, they grew up together supposedly, went to college together supposedly, and communicate often evidently). I received a phone call from ANW on July 7, 2016 that was very disturbing. He was cursing and yelling at me for exploring the ______(enter topic of choice here)______ topic that I had made Facebook posts and a video about previously. He used neuro-linguistic programming and manipulation tactics AND several lies about my mother and friends and later about his communications with Donny. He was puffing up my ego with praise, and then would tear me down for daring to explore the shape of the earth topic.This is well beyond his rejection of flat-earth ideas, the topic could be anything, this is about the lies and manipulation he used to bend my will to his desires for me to make urine therapy and distilled waters videos, to be a “crusader for truth” as he said in the call. (Which I do have recorded and have uploaded to YouTube and deleted twice now because I don’t want such poison anger promoted on my channel. But honestly, I hope at least one of those 700 viewers downloaded it and it will appear again somewhere. I also have transcripts of the phone call, Donny’s Facebook “PSYOP” posts and emails that we exchanged on this matter.) These things put together build this picture that many have not seen because the CENSORSHIP of Donny and company like to delete posts that are too “controversial”. I may just put the text back up somewhere for people to be able to see how crazy this has been which adds a big part to this decision for me… UPDATE: here is the text link with audio of the phone calls and Facebook posts made by Donny and emails that Andrew and I exchanged after the PSYOP posts in Distilled Waters group: http://unveilinginformation.blogspot.com/2016/09/andrew-norton-webber-and-distilled.html
  2. After that phone call I began a critical review of my practice and the DW/UT cult. I’ve already listed the sacred documents, but a big [parade of] RED FLAGS for me (and this may be one of the most important topics on this issue) is the incessant DEMONIZATION OF SALT! When, salt “protects from demons” and is a vital part of nearly every culture of man throughout time. It is in the Bible as a central part of sacred offerings to God in Leviticus 2:13. It is used to preserve and enhance the flavor of food. Jesus uses the metaphor “Ye are the salt of the earth” in Matthew 5:18 and it is used elsewhere as a metaphor for being a positive influence in the world and “preserving” it from sin and flavoring it with the love of Christ.ANW and DD immediately withdrew their efforts to “expose flat-earthers” when I told them that the topic is deeply “religious and spiritual” – its in the Bible! Well, salt is even more so in the Bible and deeply spiritual and part of the Torah and Jesus’ teachings. By the DEMONIZATION of salt, I mean that ANW/DD have a strict anti-salt position and have spent a large amount of time (disproportionately) saying how “salt is poison”.

    This not only contradicts the entire field of scientific proof that our bodies contain and need salt, but the summing up of all salt as being “poison” for the body leaves the reader in vast and dangerous confusion. This is “confirmation bias” or “selective thinking” at its worst, a true mark of pseudoscience. They draw from a few authors like Hilton Hotema and reports about indigenous people not using salt and surviving just fine, but further stretch this into calling all salt poison. Yet the ocean is 3% salt and supports more life per square foot than any other environment on earth. Every living thing has and requires sodium and potassium as a vital part of LIFE itself. Sodium/potassium is the electrical “pump” of the cells. Without salt there can be no electrical pulses of life.

    The top 4 ingredients in urine are water, urea, sodium and chloride! Andrew calls these “building blocks” in the Lisa Harrison video, yet fails to mention that this is SALT! Its so contradicting with the anti-salt stance…

    Another big part of the confusion comes from the merging of “organic chemistry” and the concept of “salts” with “salt” (NaCl) The word “salts” is pluralized and has nothing to do with NaCl. Organic chemistry has to do with the presence of carbon in a compound, which is distinguishing “organic compounds” (with carbon) from “inorganic compounds” (without carbon). “Salts” are under the field of “chemistry” (you might say “inorganic chemistry”) and are classified as a result of the reaction between an acid and a base. Most minerals have their “mineral salts”. Epsom salts for example is magnesium (alkaline earth metal) sulfate (sulfuric acid); there is no “sodium” or “chloride” in Epsom Salts. Salt and Salts are very different… and yes confusing.

    He constantly drills into his presentations that ONLY plants take inorganic minerals and turn them into organic minerals, and our bodies can only process organic minerals – but this IS NOT TRUE! This is an on-purpose confusion and obfuscation of truth!
    It has taken me many months worth of research to understand this. Please do your own research!
    Still on #7:
    There is also a standing RULE in the group that discussion of this topic is “unwelcome” and those who persist will be removed from the group. This is called “censorship”. This I have long had a problem with and find this to be very dogmatic, and a big part of why I call this a cult. BUT if you are running a cult that seeks to influence people to drink their pee and distilled (magnetic, empty, dead, YIN) water, and promote the maximum YIN (feminizing) agenda, there is good reason that salt is so demonized by this group. The feminizing of the population is the most effective way to create receptive, unquestioning, mind-controlled slaves for the Matrix. Of course not everybody following this cult is to this extreme as far as I know, but this is a path that leads to that extremity. Most of the “New Age” practices are YIN and feminizing…SALT IS YANG (Taoist concept of Yin and Yang or hot/cold, light/dark, positive/negative, electric/magnetic.) We must have balance of the two to maintain life, so don’t overdo it on either side. Life resides in the MIDDLE or NEUTRAL range.
    Salt protects one from demons!
    Now regardless of what you believe about the concept of demons, the properties and effects of salt is to kill parasites (demon snakes in your gut or bacteria on your skin), cleanses the skin and leaves it soft and supple. It cleans many household things as well. It is also well known to absorb dark psychic energy. I have started bathing with it and am amazed at how soft my hair and skin feel. I use a dishpan to contain about ¼ cup of sea salt in about a quart or liter or so of warm water and use a rag to apply the water to my body as I stand in the dishpan. I do not towel dry so as to let the salt stay on my skin. You could also rub your body down with a more concentrated salt solution. IT is very protective also against pathogens and bacteria, etc.. It will clean many other household items as well. I could go on about this topic, but really this is a subject of vast research in itself and in fact is the topic of a 500 page book that I just ordered called “Salt: A World History” by Mark Kurlansky.

  3. There are several topics that have been taught by this cult that is considered “pseudoscience”, which is defined as: a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method. As already mentioned, the confusion between organic and inorganic minerals and the censorship of salt. There are philosophical ideas that are promoted and readily accepted by many simply because Andrew said it, it must be true…It is common to see cults like this (and humans in general) engage in “selective thinking” and “confirmation bias” and to heavily rely on “personal testimonies” to build up the beliefs in the practice rather than following the “scientific method” of discovery. Of course, an underlying disdain for science is necessary to suspend the followers judgments of these things based on “science”. YET, when it suits the belief system, they will readily use science to back up the claims.
    Unfortunately, it is common practice for us humans to “select” those things that “confirm” our beliefs and have a “bias” against those things that disagree with those beliefs. It is much easier to rely on anecdotal reports that back up ones claim, than it is to pursue a method of discovery of all facts on a topic. This is the nature of “belief systems” after all. Most of the foundation books on urine therapy are entirely “anecdotal”.Anecdotal means:
    (of an account) not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research.

    Personal testimonies can be a valuable source of information, but to rely entirely on them for “facts” is setting oneself up for serious error and cult like belief systems. Every body is different, and there are many variables in ones experience that could be contributing factors to the outcome being reported on. The person giving the report is also biased and is viewing from personal perspective and definitions that certainly affect the reported outcome. There are standards that are usually followed and a consensus of agreed upon terms and methods of fact finding. Clinical trials are conducted to manage the variables in a consistent way so as to determine results according to the methods applied.
    Just so its clear, I do not trust the mainstream narrative on many things that are called “science” these days. The academic indoctrination is based on false assumptions, outright lies or inversions of the facts, so I take these things with a big pinch of salt (meaning don’t believe everything you hear/read).

Personal Experience and Connections to other topics


  1. I’ve had a real plateau of “healing” and have even digressed in some ways, and had problems develop that are concerning, but I feel I’ve “saved myself” in time before any real damage was done. The claims are that urine therapy is a “universal remedy” and will “heal all manner of ailments”. I’ve been a serious practitioner of this therapy and especially the bathing part for over 3 years. Nearly every day I have used my dishpan to bathe in aged or sometimes a mixture of fresh and aged urine. I would stand in the dishpan while using the rag to apply the urine to my body, so my feet were soaking the whole time I was bathing. I also washed my hair once per week.Looking back at the pictures I have of my toes, I can say that my toenail fungus has gotten WORSE! After 3 years of bathing, you would think the fungus would be gone. After all, it is claimed that urine will heal this fungus. I’ve gotten better results from a few months of SALT baths and using Thyme oil for the last several weeks than the previous 3 years of urine therapy. Many months ago, I noticed my skin showing obvious signs of dehydration and losing of elasticity. I switched over to using boiled urine, which seemed to help a bit, but I still felt dehydrated, despite the copious amounts of liquid I was drinking in the form of distilled water and “looping” large amounts of urine, well over a gallon per day most days.I think that urine and straight distilled water is dehydrating due to its lack of minerals (salt) and drawing out of minerals from the body. Salt in particular assists the body in retaining water. Of course too much is not good, but some is necessary.

    There has also been consistent red spots on my chest that have not subsided. Except now in the last month or so of using salt again, these red bumps are subsiding. Also, since I have not been recirculating the lymph being expelled by my kidneys, the bags under my eyes are going away! There have been several other subtle effects as well. My attitudes and pride and ego in my own “god-self worship” is taking its place with the devils and being brought under the control of higher reason and “*God” as I also started reading the Bible again and realizing my place in creation as Man and not God, part of God yes, but the (“New Age”) push is to worship ourselves as “God” (therefore we don’t need God) I know this whole topic is whacked to the hilt with religion and false ideologies and has many problems, but it feels better to my conscience to read the Bible and follow the basic morals found therein rather than these New Age teachings of self-exaltation, whatever, I don’t need to explain myself to myself anyway…!… We must see beyond the dead literal words in The Book and see them as living metaphors.
    *”God” is in quotations because to my definition there is no thing that is not God. GOD is the Guiding Organizing Destroying qualities or cycles of “Nature” or the Cardinal Fixed Mutable qualities of the Zodiac.

  2. The connections I’ve made to “Luciferian” or “Satanic” practices is complex to relay in words. It is somewhat due to the fact that in satanic ritual abuse practices they use urine to humiliate their victims. They also drink BLOOD (urine is BLOOD plasma) as do “vampires” suck the life force from their victims. How ironic that urine is blood plasma and contains life force that people suck back into themselves completing the OROBOROS snake loop of the very Luciferian doctrines of Alchemy. Of course this is not going to be a popular point because many people in this cult consider “Alchemy” a sacred art, as I was once one of those people who studied this. ANW has made full presentations and said that “Alchemy is urine therapy” or “The Fountain of Youth” or “The Philosopher’s Stone”… Alchemy is a “magical” art of transmuting base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir called the “Philosopher’s Stone”. Aleister Crowley is an occultist who founded the religion of Thelema and inspired Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan. Crowley was an “alchemist” and he is one of the founders of the “New Age” movement so-called, along with Helena Blavatsky, but this goes way deeper than I want to go into here. This is a vast topic related to founders of Scientology, JPL/NASA, Satanism, and many other religions and cult followings of modern society. This is very incomplete,
    The point I’m seeking to make here is that urine drinking and its connections to alchemy, and Aleister Crowely, make for a very interesting tale of “Luciferian” blood drinking occult rituals… and in fact the agenda that this very YIN practice leads to of creating mind-controlled slaves, is fitting to call it “Luciferian” or “satanic”… (hot buzz-words that people, including me, don’t really understand)
  3. Urine and especially the morning flow is a very sexually arousing fluid. It comes from the sexual organ and has sex hormones. I know from personal experience that it arouses sexual desires and have heard this from others. Sex (including orgasm as in masturbation or baiting the master) is a very powerful means to degrade and control and manipulate the population. (I am not talking about pro-creative “love-making” between husband and wife or “down sex” which is most ideal – See Dr. Lawrence Wilson’s article here: http://drlwilson.com/ARTICLES/DOWN%20HEALING.htm )
    I am talking about sex for bodily pleasure, or masturbating with pornography or fornication… Sex without substance and realization of the very spiritual aspects of it.
    Satanic ritual abuse also uses depraved sexual acts (such as anal sex or rape of children, etc.,) to traumatize their victims, causing split personalities and mind-controlled servants. You can also check out Jeanice Barcello for more information on sex and pornography and how it’s used for control purposes, not to mention male or female genital mutilation or “circumcision”.
    Hollywood has a very active satanic ritual abuse ring they use to blackmail the stars to follow the agenda and do what they are told otherwise lose their fame and fortune and be “exposed” or killed (often ruled a “suicide”…
  4. A-GEN-DA to Feminize
    There is a very real agenda to feminize the population by every means possible. Feminizing creates receptive, passive, and even dark, mind-controlled slaves. It is a polarizing of the psyche and physical body to the dark and magnetic side causing the imbalance that comes with it. The A (anti) GENDA (gender) movement is complex and delicate to talk about because its become a mainstream issue now with the gay rights and women’s lib movements to suppress the dominant male (YANG, ego, external, power, electric) and maximize the feminine (YIN, passive, receptive, internal, magnetic) qualities of all humans male and female. I have gay friends, I am not judging them, but the practice and the agenda to destroy the will power and polarize and merge the population into the NEW WORLD ORDER…Most of the “New Age” teachings are very YIN in nature and working toward this feminizing agenda. I caution all readers to examine and criticize your own practices and seek to BALANCE the YIN and YANG aspects of life so that you do not fall victim to this GENDER mutation agenda… DNA is also being manipulated through GMO foods, vaccines, and other chemical means.
    Artificial Intelligence is exemplifying this very agenda to merge the consciousness and physicality of humanity into the NEW WORLD ORDER Matrix!
    Also beware of the UP energy such as “raising the Kundalini” serpent and opening the “Pineal gland” (penal) it’s a TRAP to dissipate your own light and feed the dark (vampire) energies of the Matrix.Home is where the HEART is

10 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Drinking Distilled Waters

  1. This is great..I printed out a copy and may share with my pastor. There are some very important things to know about the many different cults. That Satan will use anyone and anything to destroy man. There are so many hidden things like this that need to be exposed and brought to the light. You are a very special man,and God has appointed you to speak up and speak out. You have the angels around you and are covered by the blood of Jesus. I am covering you with prayer.

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  2. i like your staying civil thru out. yes, i too was removed from their group. all i did was block an admin. i didnt know he was one. i just block all vexations. so anyway. your eviction, and mine and others, means we outgrew the confines. welcome to the next stage of your journey. i must say that i still drink my pee. daily dispensation from my inner physician. i got the best results early on when i did a 22 day urine/DW/juice fast. i intend to do another soon. it’s seems true though that there is a war on the masculine. but also on the feminine. balanced is the way. shroom piss is my favorite. has the essence of the pineal. i have a wild man in me that likes to drink my piss and howl at the moon too. so i’ll continue. i respect your choice cole. salt is good..needed. cults can fuck off. : ) ❤


    • One day into the next, I’m almost glad for Facebook and its continual scrolling style because as life goes, one day you think one thing and the very next day it could be totally different. I don’t want to be so stuck on one way today, because tomorrow, I could be another way. Words are so misunderstood and limited because there is always more, always some little word is left out that changes the entire sentence or conversely always another volume to compile about various tangents of ideas running wild…

      I may very well go back to drinking distilled water and who knows someday even piss, but for now I’m just going to continue seeking to find my path and adjusting my dance to the new song. I’m going through that “mid-life crises” time period everybody goes through in their early to mid 40’s (I’m 42) and this is just beginning as Uranus is coming into opposition and also Saturn is opposite as well to my natal position. Bunch of other squares and Venus over Pluto etc.. its all so crazy.

      I think John Stokes here has a few good points, and I also took this way to personally. It has been very personal though. I’ve met Andrew and Donny in person, we spent 4 days together when I went to his house in April 2015. I spent a few days with him also in Sacramento for the DW Conference there. I’ve been full on, whole heartedly into the DW belief system and yes, no one to blame but myself for getting so caught up in the system and technicalities rather than the spirit of things. I’ve butted heads with Donny many times over his censorship and the way he runs the group and has his doctrine about salt and such, and this is big reasons I call this a cult, because it has grown into that dogmatic cult where critical or hard questions are not allowed and people are removed for challenging the authority of established ANWism… the Distilled Waters group is “Dedicated to the work of ANW”… rather than truth and the ever changing understanding of truth…

      Some days I just want to delete everything and stop thinking another word because its all so corrupt and confused and seemingly pointless, but I keep pressing on the upward way, new heights I’m gaining every day… ❤


  3. most of your challenges are based on texts and teachings. none of those things ever meant a thing to me. i trust my own experience. my experience with both distilled water and auto urine has been astonishing. one application of aged urine changes the whole feel of my skin completely. it is nothing short of miraculous. i dont care if it works on fungus on your toenails or not, its not a big issue for me. it may not work for everything. and it sounds to me like you are in a sulk because it doesnt. you want your money back. i was never interested in the andrew norton weber worship. i didnt even know there was one. so none of that means anything to me. i dont believe his every word. i tried sea salt and i found it good. sounds to me like you are in a total funk because you entered a whole belief system. thats your responsibility. not andrew norton webbers. you are still giving him too much power. distilled water, in the space of two weeks, transformed my body from feeling like an old aching man into feeling full of vigour with all the joint pain gone. you are saying that piss makes people feel more sexually aroused. i like that. im not controlled by it. good luck on your journey. always good to break out of a belief system, i salute you for that, but its always a temptation when you do to want to blame someone else for your being there in the first place. but there is no one but yourself responsible for your choices.


    • HA, You talk like your the only one on this earth that has drank his urine or distilled water.

      I don’t even really want to spin my time wheels responding much to this comment, but here it goes anyway…

      “Text and teachings” – How did you ever “hear” about distilled water and urine drinking if text and teaching never meant anything to you? Did some Guru or Yogi tell you by word of mouth or did you just decide one day to drink your piss?

      In fact, the “sacred documents” other than the Bible never meant anything to me either! They were topics of discussion, and I often would engage in telling their praises since it added credence to the therapy, but never took the Shivambu Kalpa very serious since I’m not a Hindu, BUT evidently it meant a whole lot to Andrew as it was an opening part of nearly every presentation he made. Since he is one of the leading faces and modern leaders of this cult which I titled this article with “Distilled Waters” (a title of a group/movement that HE started), that has been the focus of this particular writing. I thought about making this article much longer with loads more information and may yet decide to write separate articles on various topics within this “teaching” system as time allows.

      What do you know about me anyway? I’ve hardly seen your name or have interacted with you at all on Facebook, yet you seem to know what I’m thinking or what my “beliefs” are… this is so typical of ad hominem bullshit…

      “i dont care if it works on fungus on your toenails or not, its not a big issue for me.”
      Well, since it is an issue for me, I wrote about it because it is claimed that urine is the “Universal Remedy, Elixir of Life, Water of Life, Philosopher’s Stone” that will cure all manner of diseases and ailments regardless of diagnoses it will “cure everything”… Then why did my hair get more gray (when its claimed to turn gray hair back to color) and my toenail fungus GOT WORSE (when its claimed to make it go away)? Why did my skin issues not get resolved despite me bathing nearly every day. Where is my soft glowing skin that is so praised by you is the result after just a few weeks? I’ve bathed more than anybody I know and have looped many gallons (per day many days) yet I’ve had obvious signs of “dehydration” and skin problems.

      Would you rather I present a “scientific” argument about urine drinking? That may be the topic of my next article because there is loads of information that warns against such thing. Urine contains all sorts of toxins and metabolic WASTE substance along with lymph and drugs if you take those…

      I take FULL responsibility for my actions and THAT is why I am writing this article now. I “blame” no one but myself for having been so hypnotized by this cult and not realizing what a cult it really is until a few months ago. I’ve LONG had a problem with many things that Donny has done in the group and have spoken out in the admin group about it. I’ve butted heads with Donny several times over his censorship of topics and removing people for petty things such as asking too many questions… but have blown it over, seeking to maintain positive thoughts about the motives of Donny and Andrew… anyway, I’m done now..

      I have made the conscious choice based on my own years of experience and research combined with various events that have happened. You can’t slag me off that easy!


  4. Thanks for taking the time to write this article, but the most important question I have was not answered. Is distilled water good for the body? (Regardless of what ANW’s religious practices are)

    I’ve been researching water purifiers and feel I am down to 2 choices: Berkey and a counter top water distiller. Berkey requires no electricity and filters out all VOC’s, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, microorganisms and fluoride (fluoride filter only works if the water is near 5pH though) leaving behind only minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc. Are these the minerals ANW and other proponents of distilled water say are harmful to our bodies?

    Any insight you may have regarding the health benefits or dangers of distilled water are most appreciated.

    Blessings to you.

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    • Thanks Christina, great question… Given those choices I’d personally go with the Berkey, but then I’m not really familiar with how that works. Otherwise carbon only filter that you have to change every 3 months or less.
      Where I am now in New Orleans, I’m using reverse osmosis water from the store machine or my friends well water, but that’s about an hour north.
      One thing I do now different is use salt in the water. I like the way it feels when I add salt. Water like distilled or RO straight leaves my mouth feeling dry, thirst is not satiated. This was a recurring question from new people, saying the DW leaves their mouth dry and feeling thirsty. I don’t really drink much water these days, only sipping few times a day, never gulping like before. The gallon per day rec is way too much and coupled with the no salt doctrine, is quite detrimental to bone and teeth health.
      I use an unrefined sea salt which I harvested myself from the coast of California. Otherwise I would use Celtic sea salt or even Himalayan salt, never isolated table salt…

      There are many variables about water that makes this a rather difficult topic to fully understand and describe. pH, hardness (variable of things cause hardness), source pollution or exposure to chemicals, even water delivery systems polluting it with zinc and other metals or simply the high pressure and 90º turns, restructure the “surface tension” of the water…

      Since exiting the group, I’ve been tasting various waters across the country from California, to Arizona and Texas and now in Louisiana. The hardness of the water out west is kind of hard to drink, lol, and the soft water from my friends well is too soft, it tests about 13ppm TDS and is slightly acidic at 6 pH, and like RO, I want to add salt to my bottle so I can drink it and feel like I’ve drank water instead of washing my mouth out with a solvent… Ideally a good spring water with about 60 to 130 ppm TDS, IF I ever use distilled again, I would definitely include salt as I do with the RO, to buffer its abrasive qualities.

      Earlier today, I experienced just what straight water does to your mucus membranes while doing neti pot. I was a bit distracted and forgot to put salt (about 1/4 tsp for 8 ounces water) and it burned my nostril a bit… not a big deal as I stopped right away and put the salt in it… “osmotic pressure” is the term for that. Your body fluids have a specific osmotic pressure that is directly related to saline levels, and if you use straight water (in your nose or other delicate membranes) it causes irritation.


    • I would go with distilled personally. There are numerous mainstream health books, totally unrelated to Andrew or the so-called ‘cult,’ that support the notion that distilled water is the best and purest water (it is).


  5. Interesting piece.

    I have to say I disagree with you totally. I actually heard the phone call between you and Andrew during the brief period where you had it posted online. While he was a little harsh, his logic made perfect sense – why not focus on getting people the water knowledge, which is critical to their life, health, vitality, and happiness, and worry about flat earth later. If the earth is flat, the truth will be uncovered by people who have cleaned out the pineal and removed the poisons from their bodies and brains, and are innately more equipped to detect the truth. Without that ability, humanity as a whole is just flailing around in the dark.

    The shape of the earth will become known to all sooner or later, round or flat.

    My honest opinion is that Andrew was extremely reasonable, albeit heated.

    As for programming you, I don’t know your mother so I can’t say, but I know my own mother would be concerned if I started saying the earth was flat. Whereas she has been completely open to drinking distilled water, and it has greatly enhanced both of our lives.

    Anyway, getting on to urine – Andrew barely talks about the ancient 5000 year old document you seem so intent on debunking. It’s a footnote in the grand scheme of his talks and podcasts, I hardly even recall it being mentioned and I have listened to his appearances dozens of times.

    It’s true there’s not much info on John W. Armstrong. But what about Martha Christie? Her credibility has rarely if ever been called into question, and she authored the other major urine therapy book. It cites extensive research on urine and the substances found in it.

    Lastly, the most important question – if urine therapy is a bogus cult, then why does urine therapy work? I have experience nothing but positive results from the practice. It’s now been years, I look and feel great, so if it were harming my health I’d notice. Instead the opposite has occurred, and aside from a few extra pounds I’m healthier than I was in high school. Can’t remember the last time I became sick or even had so much as a sniffle.

    Anyway man, I don’t know you, I’m sure you are a nice guy. But my honest opinion is that you are either butt-hurt that Andrew took you to task (I think rightly so on his part) and now are lashing out, or you are pushing a narrative for some reason.

    I could be totally wrong about both, but that is my gut feeling here.


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