Urine Therapy Fraudulent Texts, Fake Gurus and Dark Astral Energy

This first part is a Facebook comment I just made:

I drank and bathed in urine for 3.5 years, was an avid defender of the “faith” and leading admin of the groups for most of that time and quit in August 2016 for several reasons. Many of which had to do with the realization that I was involved in a cult belief system. The leaders are liars and the documents are frauds made up and deified to be “ancient” and sacred part of the Vedic text called the Damar Tantra that doesn’t exist. Shivambu Kalpa was written by some dude in the 1970’s, and Water of Life has been printed many times by various publishers. The original is supposedly (?) from the 1930’s, yet the intro to the books now days is from 1944 and there is no external verifying info on the author or the “tens of thousands” of patients he supposedly healed or the clinic he set up. Where is the “foundation” and memorials or even media propaganda calling him a “quack” or the slightest newspaper entry or obituary mentioning the name John W Armstrong?
The beverage is deified with several terms of endearment to be the “Water of Life” or the “Fountain of Youth” and “Philosopher’s Stone” etc., yet the truth is much more sinister… It is a trap that fills one with their own ego and dark astral energy…
Your body is discarding mostly water, but the 2 to 5% other substance is a long and growing list of compounds that are metabolic waste (from below the waist) and excess products such as hormones and enzymes. ALSO contained in there are energetic signatures that one might call “astral” energies. This is where it gets “dark”, yet its called “light”… I don’t really subscribe to the Masonic division of black vs. white but drinking your piss is leaning on the dark side and people who just sip now and then don’t really get it. It does have some temporary “benefits” and “effects” but it is no where near the claimed “Miracle” substance that they would like it to be and it may actually be harmful in many ways. My toe nail fungus got worse, I had a spot on the bottom of my foot from stepping on a nail that remained for years (until recently) my teeth fell out… things got worse despite the claims that its the Universal Remedy.
The foot fungus is receding now that I switched from bathing in aged urine (said to to be the best) to salt water. The spot on the bottom of my foot has gone, disappeared… my dehydrated skin is regaining its sheen of moisture and feeling soft. These are purely the physical things. Mentally and spiritually, things have changed as well, but those are for me…
I made a few videos and a Facebook page on this topic and several posts where me and a very few fellow members have or are willing to discuss this… People want to write me off as crazy because they can’t handle the information yet refuse to engage with me about it… If there is so much “proof” and validity to the claims, why have most of the leading people run like cock roaches under the light of scrutiny? Oh because our belief system is under question and Cole has just gone mad, how convenient that would be, if only… Its almost as bad as the globe earthers calling you names because you question their belief system… They don’t allow criticism in the groups so its all fluff and glory but no sorting out of limitations or warnings of problems.
There are several important links in the description of this video, one to the Facebook page with several links: Distilled Waters and Urine Therapy is a Blood-plasma Drinking Cult ( https://www.facebook.com/DistilledWatersCult ) and the other to transcripts of the phone call and group fiasco that went on that snapped me out of hypnotic trance I was under. (Transcript of phone call from ANW also Facebook posts made in DW regarding their anti-flat earth fiasco and emails exchanged here: http://unveilinginformation.blogspot.com/ )
Playlist with all the videos I’ve done so far on this…

This second part is a comment I just made on my YouTube video

Video link here: https://youtu.be/yiGGNpgLmlc

A question was asked about my diet and fasting, here is my response:

IF UT worked as claimed, one should not have to think much about diet, but as it is, if UT has any chance of working, one has to do all these other things, change your diet, fast, rub it on your skin, cleanse your colon, etc.. Sure it has “effects” but people want to latch on and deify this as the cure all or ancient “Elixir of Life” and other terms of endearment that don’t at all hold up to reasoning or experience, its a belief system or cult of distractions from the actual “cure” of disease which is CLEANSING…

My longest consecutive “fast” (without any solid food) was about 7 days. I came into this in 2013 on the typical SAD diet that has changed into vegetarian, fruitarian and minimalist eating styles. Not that its been “perfect” all the way through, but over the last year or so of UT practice, often my diet would be eating once per day of fruit and/or little while looping most of my urine and bathing in it nearly every day with my dishpan.

This is where I’m saying its not as effective as claimed. I would bathe with my dishpan (stepping in it and using the rag to wash my body) in aged or mix of fresh and aged, for a while I was doing boiled in the effort to find remedy and alleviate my dry skin (?) and toe nail fungus that seemed to be getting worse. When I looked back at some old pictures of my toe nail, I confirmed that it in fact got much worse and the spot on the bottom of my foot from stepping on a nail had not gone away in over a year. IF urine was so anti -fungal, these should not have been the slightest problem because I was stepping in aged urine every day for at least 20 minutes…

I looked last night at the bottom of my foot, there is hardly a noticeable spot there, so in 5 months now of bathing with salt water and discontinuing UT, I have got moist skin again and the toe nail fungus is receding, new nail is growing back… My diet has not changed very much either, except for incorporating the use of salt, mostly on my skin but also in my water and on some foods… I was using some Thyme oil on my toe nail for a few weeks, but not doing that anymore. I could probably heal it faster by continuing that.

Don’t believe everything you are told, people are upholding their belief system and I get it, I was there doing that myself. Ad hominem is an effective (but very weak and pathetic) way to shoot the messenger rather than counter the message with facts. Facts are not easy to fabricate so if you can discredit the messenger as crazy or with hurt feelings then its much easier to write off the message as crazy. If only it were that easy.


Astral Energies

Of course this is a philosophical/spiritual concept and not easily quantified under usual scientific means, but here is this idea of “astral energies” which are from the “spirit” world or “dream” world so to speak. Personally, I don’t really understand this concept so not one to make much comment about for or against. I don’t know the language…

But it is mentioned in the UT group and other sources that urine contains astral energies. Especially the morning flow contains these as you are just waking from dreaming and “traveling” via your astral body. Various residual energies come through to your body and are discarded via your urine.

Himavanti quotes from their article

050. Hydrotherapy and Urine Therapy

“There is also another aspect of using human urine descirbed in dark hindu tantras. It is a spiritual religious aspect, if such words can even be used in this context. Some dark and foul creatures called rakshasa, which in English would mean deamons, practice and recommend consuming urine two times a day in order to unite (through a communion) with the source of one’s demonic power. Pisaca, another class of dark and evil creatures, which would tranlate into English as devils or fiends – use human and their own urine as a common, everyday drink for every occasion, just another type of beer. I congratulate such deamon on his idea of inducing humans interested in yoga and health into the ritual reception of demonic communion. According to the teachings of Shiva, the Master of Yogins and Mystics, evreyone who consumes their own urine will be reborn in the lowest and darkest spheres (lokas) of egsistence from which there is no way back to the lands of light and there is no possibility of being reborn in the human world. I congratulate all “pee fans” on the choice of their life path! There is probably no better way, however healthy it may seem, of destroying one’s self (atman, soul). Shiva warns all yoga, mysticism or esoterics disciples aginst those destructive practices and teachings.  Shiva instructed Parvati that people (souls) who lose their own self (atmana) in the communion (unity) with deamons (rakshasa and others: vestals or kuhu, etc.) will be destroyed completely with the dawn of Pralaya, that is at the end of the cycle of our Day of Brahma.”

“Unfortunatelly, not everything that is Eastern is always godly, divine and spiritual – a remark for those fascinated with Eastern culture – devillish phenomena may happen as well. Hydropathy is a totally different matter than “pee drinking”.”

“According to the teachings of yoga, harmful astral substances (Halahala poison) are excreted together with urine. This astral demonic poison has the power of killing human soul. Those who reabsorb urine will slowly become poisoned and their spirit will eventually be destroyed – until they will lose themselves in Pralaya, the Night of Brahma. With time, human psyche becomes open for the Eighth Sphere which is also characteristic of other substances harmful to the spiritual life such as alcohol, opium or marijuana. According to the teachings of of Shiva, the first yoga Master, people consuming their own excrements, including urine, will, “in reward”, be plunged in the hellish river Vaitarani, which consists of all the impurities that make it impossible for the lost soul ever to leave the realm of hell (Naraka Loka) – even for a little while. One should also be aware of those “innocent” side effects of which the pee lovers probably do not want to know – just like alcohol or cigarette addicts do not want to know of the harmful effects of their addictions. Satanists, I presume, will be satisfied with a new, “healthy” way to practise their cult, if they haven’t heard of it already and wish to plunge for eternity in the sewage waters of the demonic river Vaitarani.”

“I wish all the local  rakshasa drink gourmets so that they would keep their urine therapy away from the concepts such as YOGA. I also ask them to kindly inform their disciples what kind of therapy this urine therapy really is – a dark magic communion with dark forces, which undoubtedly will perform their own therapy: cure a person of all humanity and the possibility of human birth. But that is a more delicate matter, not visible at the first sight.”





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