Human Anatomy vs Food?

This topic is highly emotional to many people and thus full of logical fallacy arguments (such as Appeals to Emotion, Ethics, Morality, Popularity, Authority, etc.,) the default means of communicating these days it seems. If people would simply understand the list of logical fallacy and perfect the art of intelligent communication, we would have 99% less problems in this world. Fallacies only serve to sever and shut down the connections needed to come to a full understanding and exploration of any given topic. It is a psychological warfare divide and conquer tactic. The more we can recognize the difference between logic and fallacy, the better off we will ALL be.

The arguments about anatomy, or the ability of the human digestive system to digest meat cooked and (raw!) dairy (raw only), is full of logical fallacy and inconclusive conclusions propagated by propaganda of confusion and enforced with passion by people who believe _______ (name your belief). It can be very difficult these days to concentrate long enough to grasp all the details of any given topic, especially one like this where so many unknowns and variables exist. This page is my own personal effort to understand all this.

The following was copied and pasted here. I did not write it, but it resonates on many levels and I post it here to log and preserve these ideas outside of Facebook.

There has never been a culture that has thrived as vegetarians. Sure there are individuals getting along on vegetarian diets, but there are no 4th generation vegans, no cultures subsist only on vegan diets free from all animal products.

Depending mostly on climate conditions, the ratio of plant to animal intake varies. In colder and more severe environments, the meat in-take is usually much larger. This primarily occurs for two reasons:

1) Plants won’t grow. You can’t eat what isn’t there. (Ask an Eskimo. He’ll know.)

2) The concentration of nutrients is much higher in meat than in vegetables. This means you can harvest less tonnage of food. It also means the culture can have less of an impact on the environment (then if they cut their meat in-take and became more herbivore-like.)

Because of “survival of the fittest,” there has never been a culture of herbivores. A human that tries to become a herbivore will cause physical damage to their neurological (and other) systems. A culture of herbivores would eventually wipe itself out.

The easier the catch, the more an omnivorous culture will thrive. Fishing tribes are often good examples of what plentiful meat can do to better society.


• 32 teeth (16 on each jaw)
• 20 of these are carnivore type
• These 20 are incisors, canines, and bicuspids for biting off pieces of animal flesh and crushing small, hallow bones and cartilage
12 of our 32 teeth are broad and flat for grinding.
Interestingly in many cases, four of these 12 molars will not be able to fit in the spaces of jaws designated for posterior teeth.
Human Evolutionary patterns may be showing us that only eight molars are sufficient for grinding the plant portions of the natural diet.

Jaw motion

• A carnivore’s jaw opens straight up and down like a pure hinge. There are no circular, side to side motions as in “chewing cud”. The jaw opens wide in relation to the skull.
• A herbivore’s jaw works in a circular motion and the jaw open’s short in relation to its size.
• The human jaw joint does both the Sliding movement and the pure hinge. The TMJ is labeled medically as a sliding/hinge joint

Full size mammals like cows and deer are herbivores are ruminants.
• Ruminants have complex stomachs made up of three to four chambers.
• Ruminants must periodically regurgitate plant matter back up into the mouth for additional chewing.
• Human don’t have multiple stomachs or have special enzymes and bacteria for digesting plant matter.
In the stomach, hydrochloric acid and various pepsinogens are produced by cells in the lining and act together to form pepsin. The purpose of pepsin is to digest COLLEGEN, which is the substance that makes up the connective tissue of meats.

Also produced in the stomach are tributyrase, which digest butterfat, and gelatinase, which liquefies the protoglycans of meat.

Collagen, butterfat, and meat proteoglycans are not in plants, yet humans have special enzymes for digesting them.
Various enzymes digest triglycerides, which are primarily fats from animals.

This process involves the emulsification of fats by bile acids and lecithin.

Finally, humans have an enzyme called cholesterol ester hydrolase for the sole purpose of digesting Cholestorol. Remember that cholesterol isn’t found in plants.

If humans were designed to use plants as a food source, why are there so many enzymes for digesting the parts of animals in the normal human digestive system?

If humans were designed to primarily eat plants, why doesn’t our digestive system have an enzyme for digesting cellulose, the primary building block of vegetation.
Realize that our digestion works more like a tigers that a cow. One stomach, lots of acid, stomach empties fast.

Unlike a Herbivore which has little to no acid, multiple stomach which never empty, and need to fermentate due to the lack of acid.

Humans Are Omnivores

Nutrient bio-availability

OXALATES (Oxalic acid)

Oxalates are a small molecule found in large amounts in plants. Oxalate is generally not found in animal products while many plant foods are moderate or high, and some are very high (such as spinach, beets, beet greens, sweet potatoes, peanuts, rhubarb, and swiss chard).

Oxalic acid is responsible for leeching and hindering our ability to absorb calcium.

High oxalates in a diet can also lead to build a build up in the kidneys of calcium oxalate. Resulting in kidney stones.


A plants natural defense chemical that is released to deter an animal from eating it.

Lectins are proteins that bind to cell membranes and reduce our bodies ability to absorb nutrients. They are an anti-nutrient.

As food passes through our stomachs it slightly damages the lining of our GI tract. Cells rapidly repair this damage but in the presence of lectins the usual rapid recovery of the cells is hindered.

Harmful Effects of Dietary Lectins
1) Lectins Are Resistant to Digestion and Are Absorbed Into the Bloodstream
2) Lectins Damage the Gut Lining Causing Leaky Gut
3) Lectins Stimulate the Immune System
4) Lectins Causes Autoimmunity
5) Lectins Affect the Gut Microbiota
6) Lectins Causes Abnormal Cell Growth

Lectins are abundant mostly in grains and legumes but are also found in vegetables, seeds, nuts and some dairy products. They are found mainly on coatings or plants skin. Lectins are responsible for chronic Inflammation. The body creates an immune response to the lectins as it tags them as foreign particles or antigens that could be harmful. This leads to an auto-immune response where the immune system will attack the tissues and cell membranes the lectins bind too.

Inflammation leads to disease….

PHYTIC ACID (known as inositol hexakisphosphate (IP6), inositol polyphosphate, or phytate when in salt form)

Phytic acid is a saturated cyclic acid. Its the principal storage form of phosphorus in many plant tissues, especially bran, seeds, cereals and grains.

It is an anti-nutrient.

Phytic acid is a problem in our diets. In addition to blocking phosphorus availability, the “arms” of the phytic acid molecule readily bind with other minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, making them unavailable by the time we try to absorb them resulting in mineral deficiency.

Vegans and vegetarians are mostly prone to iron deficiencies. Not due to the amounts Found in either plant or animal source but the TYPE of iron. There is two types of iron…

Heme-iron : This iron is only found in animal products. Heme-iron is easily absorbed and also very Efficiently.

Then there’s Non heme-iron : This iron is only found in plant or plant based foods. Non-heme iron is poorly absorbed and ALSO even further affected by phytic acid.

Heme-iron is also unaffected by phytic acid hence why iron from ANIMAL products has a much greater bioavailability to us humans.

What you think is contained in a plant based iron source is greatly less due than stated due to its bioavailability and even further affected by phytic acid.

Phytic acid is destroyed completely through heating the vegetables. But oxalates and lectins are a different matter. Oxalates are impossible to break down by heat, when heated the oxalic acid content actually increases! Cook that shit it leads to more oxalates. And lectins aren’t destroyed by heat. The only way to lower the lectin content of plant based foods is through pressure cooking or fermenting but these processes will not completely destroy either


Humans are not herbivores


Facebook comments:
Cole Haley
I don’t mean to target individuals, but the flawed belief systems. It is inevitable that the Believers feel attacked, but maybe we can all get a clue about human psychology. Maybe there’s something wrong with the beliefs. ?

There are so many confusing straw man and paper tiger arguments on this topic it’s not easy to talk about, so bullet points and harsh comments or even jokes are in order to prod the thoughts awake. I’m trying to Rattle cages and smash all these boxes. Sorry if your offended.

Health and the bigger picture:
I see the World Health Organization, the many celebrities and the mainstream media all pushing toward a vegan diet for various reasons, health at the top, but truth is it’s making people unhealthy and subservient to the grocery store, shielded from the reality of life, death and basic survival needs.
Our bodies are made of fat and cholesterol, yet you see the mainstream medical Mafia perpetuating (paper tiger) lies that fat and cholesterol are somehow bad for us. Then there are the lies about salt as they prop up the strawman with poison falsely labeled as table salt, leading to the erroneous conclusion that all salt is bad, making endless war on sodium as if that is the culprit. Without sodium and potassium to pump energy through the cells, you die,, not to mention the energetic (“demonic”) possession and depletion that one experiences on the way to a salt free diet…
Without fat and cholesterol intake your body starts eating its own Reserves, so strict veganism is in essence self-cannibalism…

I see the same straw man tactics with the vegan stuff. There are certainly very real concerns about how these factory farms are destroying nature, processed meats and the over-reliance on carbohydrates,,,, that are opposite of what they say.

Starch, carbohydrates and hybridized fruit full of sugar along with the avoidance of animal products (with mineral salts) are among the primary reasons I’ve had accelerated tooth loss these last few years…(among other problems like depression and anger spurts).
Of course there are astrological explanations for the changing energy potential, but these are acting on the physics and psychological framework in place. There is no blame to be given to the moon for example, this is an energy potential that can hopefully help us see and feel where we can improve our lives. Feelings are our antenna to give us indications about the energy we are working with. We ignore those indications at our own peril. Blame is a form of ignore-ance and shifting of responsibility. Sometimes ignorance is bliss for a while, but eventually we have to face the facts.

Randy Drum
Facts have little effect on religious zealotry Cole and that is what most vegans are operating within or the myth of vegetarianism as being a healthy choice.. It is being perpetuated by goober-mint and their henchmen in the social media matrix via their endless corporate channels .. IF ya can’t see it then it is likely because your body is beginning to break down as the 1st to go is our cognitive ability.. our meat supply like all foods have been poisoned along w/our water and air, so to try and make a case against meat in this atmosphere of toxicity is absurd as it is all suspect .. we are not herbivores guys, simple… Omnivores do not eat vegetation alone or they get weak and sick and that is why our “global” governance and their paid army of morons seldom stop spewing vegan chants.. time to examine everything we “think” we know… we are what we eat and if we eat only plants what will become of us.. comparing our bodies to that of other animals who are equipped to eat only vegetation is an intentional scam on the gullible public.. NOT saying we should eat the percentages of meats many do today but that is not a case for veganism but one of gluttony.. if the global government is pushing it run away from it.



I appreciate your comment. Thank you, <3

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